7. The Voyager Series (1981 - today)

HP 11C Scientific Programmable HP 11C
Introduced on September 1, 1981. This was a scientific calculator, but with hyperbolics and a random number generator. The horizontal format was a huge innovation for HP. It is believed that the great success of this calculator is attributed to the calculator's unusual shape.
Code name: Voyager 1.0. Original price: $135
HP 12C Business HP 12C
Introduced on September 1, 1981. Provides basic business functions, including TVM (Time Value of Money). It became the standard business calculator and, although HP tried to replace it, it is still in production 21 years after it was first introduced.
Code name: Voyager 1.0. Original price: $80
HP 15C Scientific HP 15C
Introduced on July 1, 1982, this was the successor of the HP 11C and it included root finder and numerical integration functions. It also included 12 conditional tests between the x and y registers.
Code name: Voyager 1.5. Original price: $135
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HP 16C Computer Scientist HP 16C
Introduced on July 1, 1982. This calculator was every programmer's dream allowing for calculations to be done in base 2, 8, 10 and 16. Numbers would range from one to 64 bits. There were no transcendental functions however.
Code name: Voyager 1.0. Original price: $150
HP 10C Programmable Scientific Calculator HP 10C
Introduced on September 2, 1982. This was the last one of the series and was intended to provide a simple, although still programmable, alternative to the HP 11C. However, the HP 11C remained popular and the HP 10C did not sell well. Code name: Voyager 0.5. Original price: $80

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