3. The Topcat Series (1976 - 1977)

HP 91 HP 91
Introduced on March 1, 1976, it was the 10th HP calculator, but a obviously the first that was not a handheld one, although it could be operated on batteries. It had the basic scientific functions, but was not programmable. It was the first calculator to use more accurate algorithms to calculate 2^3 to exactly 8, as opposed to earlier HP models.
Code name: Felix. Original price: $500
HP 97 HP 97
Introduced on July 1, 1976, it was the printing equivalent of the HP 67, but in the HP 91 shape and size. Like the HP 67, it included a magnetic card reader and was full programmable. This was a popular calculator and was kept in production for a long time. Code name: Kitty Hawk. Original price: $750
HP 92 HP 92
This was the business model of the series, introduced on July 1, 1977. Programmable, but with a complete set of business functions.
Code name: Bobcat. Original price: $625
HP 97S HP 97S
Introduced on December 1, 1977, this was a redesigned HP 97 that had a special green I/O box that could communicate with outside devices. This was one of the most expensive handheld sold by HP.
Code name: Ricochet. Original price: $1,375

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