4. The Sting Series (1977)

HP 10 HP 10
Introduced on July 1, 1977, this was an HP never seen before: an adding machine and without RPN logic!  The only interesting option was a switch that allowed the user to select to view the results on paper, or on display. It failed to attract any interest, so it is today rather rare.
Code name: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Original price: $175
HP 19C HP 19C
Introduced on September 1, 1977, this was the same model as the HP 29C, but with a built-in printer. Even the code names were related: Bonnie (HP 29C) & Clyde (HP 19C).  However, the battery back was completely different to accommodate the increased power requirements of the printer.
Code name: Clyde. Original price: $345

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