8. The Coconut Series (1979 - 1990)

HP 41C HP 41C
Introduced on July 1, 1979, it was the first calculator to use an LCD display. As a result, it could use regular batteries, instead of the rechargeable ones, as it used much less power. At the same time, the LCD display allowed HP to use alphabetic characters and symbols, in addition to numbers. Although initially called a calculator, it was quickly renamed to computer, due to its increased capabilities. At least 1.5 million HP 41 calculators have been sold! Code name: Silverbird. Original price: $295
Introduced on December 15, 1980. This was an extended memory model of the HP 41C, introduced a year earlier. The "V" as in the Roman "5" denoted the fact that it had 5 times the memory of the HP 41C (256 built-in registers instead of 64). Code name: Silverbird. Original price: $325
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Introduced on October 1, 1983, it was an HP 41C with the Quad Module AND the Time and Extended Functions built in, allowing for time and date arithmetic. The Extended Functions included a text editor (!), hence making the 41CX an advanced calculator, a small pocket computer, a programmable instrument controller and an electronic personal organizer. The HP 41CX was discontinued in November 1990 - more than 11 years since the 41C was introduced. Code name: Honeynut. Original price: $325
HP 41 Series Card Reader 82104A Card Reader
This was the Coconut Series' optional card reader, allowing for storing and retrieving programs in magnetic cards as in the Classic HP 65 and 67 calculators, where the card reader was built-in. Offering the card reader as an option made the calculator much lighter and easier to carry, when read/write operations were not required. Code name: Hyster. Original price: $80
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82143A Thermal Printer 82143A Thermal Printer
This was the Coconut Series' thermal printer.
Code name: Helios. Original price: $60
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82153A Wand 82153A Wand
This was the Coconut Series' bar code reader.
Code name: Cheshire. Original price: $50

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