12. The Charlemagne Series (1990 - today)

HP 48SX Scientific Expandable HP 48SX
Introduced on March 16, 1990. it had symbolic algebra, graphics, two plug-in card slots, an RS232 port and a two-way infrared system for communication with printers and other calculators. This calculator was a big success and had as many followers as the HP 41. Many games have been written for the HP 48SX, including Tetris. Code name: Charlemagne or Charle. Original price: $250
HP 48S Scientific HP 48S
Introduced on April 2, 1991. This is simply an HP48SX with all its features without the expansion ports. Its code name implies that it is a short version of the 48SX, but in reality it was named after the father of Charlemagne the Great, Pepin the Short. Code name: Shorty. Original price: $250
HP 48GX Scientific Expandable HP 48GX
Introduced on June 1, 1993 and replaced the 48SX. It has more functions, more memory (128k bytes) and a faster processor. Its codename was derived from Charlemagne's grandfather, Charles the Hammer.
Code name: Hammer. Original price: $350
HP 48G Scientific HP 48G
Introduced some time after June 1, 1993 (the introduction date of the HP48GX), was identical to the HP 48GX without the expansion ports and with limited memory (32k bytes). It basically replaced the HP 48S.One major advantage over the HP 48GX is that it is slightly faster. Code name: Alcuin. Original price: $165
HP 48G+ Scientific HP 48G+
This one was just an extended memory version (128k bytes) of the HP 48G. Code name: Alcuin. Original price: unknown.
HP 38G Scientific HP 38G
Introduced on April 6, 1995, basically to compete with other graphing calculators and it even dropped RPN in favor of an algebraic language and operating system. Incorporates curve fitting and fractions display mode. The main innovation is the use of "aplets" (animated personal learning tools). It is the latest HP model and still in production. Code name: Elsie. Original price: $109
HP 39G Scientific HP 39G
Introduced in 2000. This is a scientific model also using "aplets" (as in the 38G). However, built-in memory was increased to 256k bytes. The elimination of the RPN login made this one a bit awkward to use, however plotting functions and support for complex numbers is still available.
Original price: $89
HP 40G Scientific HP 40G
Introduced in 2000. This was the European counterpart of the 39G. Original price: Unknown
HP 49G Scientific HP 49G
Also introduced in 2000. This calculator is an astounding machine. With 1.5 Mbytes of memory, RPN and algebraic data entry, it was a strong comeback of HP in the pocket calculator arena. Original street price: about $150.

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