10. The Champion Series (1986 - 1992)

HP 18C Business Consultant HP 18C
Introduced on June 1, 1986, this was the first HP calculator of the clamshell design series. It was more than an algebraic calculator, as it included graphing and a date/time/alarm feature like a personal organizer. It also included an infrared port for wireless printing. A major feature of these calculators was the expansion of the 4-level stack (X, Y, Z and T) to one with as many levels as were needed to carry the objects in the stack.
Code name: Champion. Original price: $175
HP 28C Advanced Scientific HP 28C
Introduced on January 5, 1987, this was the scientific model of the series. The biggest innovation was that it could work with symbolic expressions. It was ready before the HP 18C (the business model) but introduction was postponed to introduce the business model first.
Code name: Paladin. Original price: $235
HP 19B Business Consultant II HP 19B
Introduced on January 4, 1988, this was an upgrade of the 18C with 8K of RAM. A note taker was added along with an interesting innovation: one of six languages could be chosen to display the error messages in (although the US version has only one language).
Code name: Tycoon. Original price: $235
HP 28S Advanced Scientific HP 28S
Introduced on January 4, 1988, it expanded the 28C by increasing the memory to 32K. CPU speed to 1 MHz and adding directory and subdirectory structure for variables.
Code name: Orlando. Original price: $235
HP 19B-II Business Consultant II HP 19B-II
Introduced on January 1, 1991, this is an HP 19B with the option of doing calculations in RPN mode.
Code name: Tycoon. Original price: $175

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